SOUL RADIO Classics is a online radio station that plays a wide range of classic soul and R&B music. The station serves a global audience, providing them a mix of popular soul and R&B songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, which are considered as the golden era of the genre. The station's unique format is a blend of various sub-genres such as funk, disco, boogie, and more, catering to a diverse and nostalgic audience. The station's experienced and knowledgeable DJs have a deep understanding of classic soul and R&B music and provide commentary, trivia, and behind-the-scenes stories that add context and depth to the listening experience. SOUL RADIO Classics also features live performances, interviews, and studio sessions which provide an intimate and engaging listening experience for the audience. The station's programming is diverse, featuring popular and classic soul and R&B songs from both established and emerging artists, catering to the taste of music enthusiasts, from the purist to the casual listener. SOUL RADIO Classics also provides news and information about upcoming events, concerts, and festivals related to the soul and R&B genre. In addition to music programming, the station also features talk shows that delve into the history and culture of the soul and R&B genre, and cover various topics such as interviews with musicians, musicians biography, and profile. The station is committed to showcasing the best of classic soul and R&B music and providing a platform for emerging and established artists in the genre. SOUL RADIO Classics is an online radio station that stands out by its unique blend of classic soul and R&B music, handpicked by experienced and knowledgeable DJs, and providing a well-rounded listening experience. The station's dedication to playing a diverse range of classic soul and R&B music, providing engaging content and showcasing emerging and established artists in the genre makes it a great choice for music enthusiasts looking for something nostalgic and different.

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