KTCK - The Ticket 1310 AM / 96.7 FM

KTCK - The Ticket 1310 AM / 96.7 FM, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has established itself as a sports talk radio icon, providing its audience with an eclectic and entertaining blend of sports-related content. Known affectionately as ""The Ticket,"" it stands out for its unique blend of humor, personality, and sports expertise, all served with a Texan flair. The station's coverage is robust, diving into the nitty-gritty of Dallas' professional sports teams. The Dallas Cowboys, with their rich history and passionate fanbase, are a staple of The Ticket's programming. From detailed analysis of every game to offseason moves and training camp reports, The Ticket offers comprehensive coverage of America's Team. Similarly, The Ticket doesn't miss a beat with the Dallas Mavericks. When basketball season is in full swing, you can bet that every play, trade, and rumor is dissected and discussed by The Ticket's array of hosts and personalities, much to the delight of Dallas' basketball fans. The Texas Rangers also get their time in the spotlight. The Ticket covers every base with the Rangers, ensuring that baseball fans are up to date on the latest innings. Whether it's spring training or the heat of the playoff chase, The Ticket is on deck with all the necessary coverage. Not to be left out, the Dallas Stars' icy exploits are narrated with the same intensity as a game-winning goal, rounding out The Ticket's coverage of the major local professional sports teams. But The Ticket's content isn't limited to professional sports. College sports, particularly football, occupy a significant place in the hearts of Texan sports enthusiasts and thus, The Ticket's programming. The station pays homage to this with coverage of local and national college games, spotlighting everything from pre-game predictions to post-game analyses. Additionally, The Ticket's personalities are known for their comedic segments, engaging banter, and genuine rapport with their listeners, which has cultivated a dedicated fanbase that tunes in not just for the sports talk but for the entertainment value the hosts provide. In essence, KTCK - The Ticket 1310 AM / 96.7 FM is more than a sports station; it's a cultural phenomenon in Dallas. It has managed to capture the spirit of sports fandom in the city and, through its distinct style and content, has become an integral part of the daily life of Dallas sports fans.

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